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Tybalt is a minor character from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, although he is based off the musical version, the Hungarian one in particular, because it owns. Originally made by Renn, he has been adopted by Sarrin. Most of his plot is from his time with the former.

Appearance and Personality

It occurs to me that if the personality were different, Tybalt might dress more snazzily, more sexily, in perhaps more tank tops, more daring pants, with bracelets or a ponytail or somesuch gloriousness. He might also slink around in a more feline manner and exude even more intimidating badassery than he already does. Actually, he would be very similar to his nemesis and sometimes-loverbedfellow Mercutio.

But Tybalt's personality is not different. It is repressed.


He's still a babe, though.



Mercutio is the bane of Tybalt's existence. He is also really, really, ridiculously amazing in bed. Tybalt is not pleased by this. Except, um, when he is.

Tybalt thinks more than Mercutio (and talks less), but he does not always like what he finds. When he finds himself coming to the conclusion that there could be tenderness intimacy something other than hate anything less than rigid animosity between them, he represses the thought. (Yeah, that was a pun.)


Tybalt met the ballerina Meg Giry at a dance. If either was capable of knowing what love is, it might have been love at first sight. Their courtship has been awkward, but persistent, and with more cute moments than anyone knows what to do with.

Tybalt does think he genuinely loves Meg, but he is convinced she could never love him; his own self-loathing means he thinks himself unworthy of her. Any physical expression of intimacy between them is always abruptly canceled out by this.