Encyclopedia Marysuenica

Sherlock Holmes is the famous detective invented by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and augmented by various writers and portrayers throughout the years. On the 'verse he is played by Kris, who developed a crush on the cold, intellectual, drug-addicted, socially impossible mind-without-a-heart after seeing Jeremy Brett on PBS at age 9.

She feels some shame at what she's done, honest.


After meeting Irene Adler again at the Opera, Holmes was affected by Crane's fear toxin. His greatest fear being the loss of his emotional control, he fell in love with Irene and was rather insensible to anything else for some time. He got a job at the opera as a violinist, staying with Irene despite the apparent wearing off of the toxin, until Carlos Castro came to him seeking help to free him from the clutches of one Erik Destler.

Carlos, fickle creature that he is, fell in love with Destler, who learned of Holmes's interference, broke his wrist, inhabited his body, raped Irene, and left Holmes to pick up the pieces. Holmes was slow to do so: the loss of his secondary profession, as well as the memory of the incident with Irene, left him a broken man until a subsequent meeting with Destler awoke him from his stupor. Now he is intent upon rescuing Irene from her vampiric state, and reclaiming their relationship.