Encyclopedia Marysuenica

Sarrin's other Anne Rice vampire. He is an Italian vampire from the time of the Great Plague. He likes rats and Roman Catholicism and a certain Russian vampire. No, screw this. I can't take this page seriously. But then again, Santino kind of deserves that.


Santino has really no history in the Vampire Chronicles, because Anne Rice is a wanker. Sarrin has designed most of it herself.

Santino's immortal life has been filled with isolation and Roman Catholicism. He has abandonment issues. When Marius de Romanus turned him away, he kind of sulked about it for a couple of centuries before destroying Marius' Venice home and trying to destroy him. Santino fell rather fatally in love with Marius' angel-faced new fledgling, although to continue to enforce isolation upon his Satanic cult he stayed well enough away from him so as to not give the idea that intimacy was permitted between the servants of Satan.


Santino's shit is all fucked up. And he has rats!

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