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Roxanna Tepes, formerly known as Roxanna della Lobos (in honor of a Pulp Fiction character), is the illegitimate daughter of Dracula and Irene Adler. A dhampire, or half-vampire, she posesses the ability to detect and destroy vampires, often by staking them with the heel of her stilleto while choking them with her whip.

Although she grew up in Romania and has a slight Germanic accent, she is written without one in order to avoid falling into Magda von Waldemann's terretory.


Roxanna is both aloof and seductive, having inherited her mother's pride and her father's excessive lust. In Dungeons and Dragons terms, she is True Neutral, at a perfect balance between good and evil, as well as law and chaos. She is also the living stereotype of a man-hating lesbian (although there are hints she may in fact be bisexual), especially resenting her father for his rape of her mother.


Modeled by Marlene Dietrich, Roxanna has black eyes and blonde hair (although it's naturally auburn- when she lived among the gypsies, she colored it for a song she would perform, "The Yellow Cat", and it became a habit.) Her face is stunning but slightly androgynous, which only adds to her allure.


Given to an orphanage by her mother in order to prevent her father ever finding her, Roxanna was eventually taken in by a wandering band of gypsies. They recognized her for what she was, and taught her how to use her talents at recognizing and killing vampires. Her main way of doing this was through her line of work as a dominatrix, where she both took out her hatred of men and smelled the blood of her clients in the scars her whips left, then killed those who were undead.

Although she always had preferred women, knowing that dhampires were usually produced through rape gave Roxanna a severe Oedipus complex. However, when she finally met her father, she found that she could not bring herself to kill him. She currently lives as his prisoner, but probably won't for long.


Like her father, Roxanna has a voracious sexual appetite (although she would never stoop to comitting rape.) So far, she has 'disciplined' Gerard and Norman Bates, and slept with Poe and Annette. She has also engaged in flirtation which may turn into more with Maria Van Helsing and Guy of Gisbourne.


Roxanna could be described as an unholy combination of Ivy from Soul Calibur, Maria from Dracula's Daughter, Johanna from Sweeney Todd, and the general Marlene Dietrich image. She was named after a girl her suethor Mira met at a writing program who was, in fact Romanian.