Encyclopedia Marysuenica

Richard Loeb, aka "God, Ska, what were you thinking?" is a version of the historical figure inspired by the one native to The Musical That Must Not Be Named (Because Its Composer Appears To Be A Compulsive Self-Googler). Unlike Lena's Nathan, who definitely shows the hallmarks of being from the AU that TMTMNBN(BICATBACSG) takes place in, Richard hasn't demonstrated many major deviations except for being more of a douche as of yet. He's also a great deal more confident in his status as an ubermensch, given that their (surprisingly slapdash) perfect crime hasn't been traced back to the two of them yet. Presumably it involved less child-killing, because there are some things that make even Skazka really squeamish.

Due to the fact that Lena and Ska are, well, Lena and Ska, and thus big goofballs, the relationship of Dickie and Babe has been portrayed as a lot more bickering-like-a-married-couple than the dark, sexual-tension-filled dynamic present in pretty much every adaptation or sideways portrayal ever. Also, there's more throwing up on people. The horrible realization that a sociopath and, if not another sociopath, well, a creepy perv with a monobrow were totally small fry compared to better and more literal claims to ubermenschdom pretty much freed Ska up to play Dickie, as horrible as he is, a little less melodramatically.

No matter how he cajoles, don't come see his roadster. He enjoys drinking, partying, and arson.

(And if the CWMNBN is reading this, no one is in any way profiting from this, monetarily or otherwise. Seriously, not at all. All creative rights belong to whoever they belong to. Though might we say that if, in any case, Richard Loeb or Nathan Leopold came back from the dead, they'd want to kill you first. Babe and Dick's players would come in close 3rd place on their list of peeps to kill.)