Encyclopedia Marysuenica

Renn is a sixteen year old suethor currently residing in a largeish city on the coast of Virginia. Actually named after Rebecca in the Daphne du Maurier novel of the same name, she much prefers going by her middle name, as it doesn't imply that she's a psycho cheating whorebitch with cancer and STDs. She's a junior in high school, where she considers everything but art, chorus, English and sometimes history completely pointless. She's notoriously lazy, easily distracted, and has many fangirly tendencies. She also draws pictures by request.

Her sues include:

1. Annette

2. Aziraphale

3. Beatrice

4. Delirium

5. Dorian Gray

6. Dream

7. John Wilkes Booth (Deceased)

8. Kaylee Frye

9. Maxim de Winter

10. Ned Platagenet

11. Otto

12. Proserpina Renee Kroger (More commonly known as Pina.))

13. Sue!Renn (Her self insert)

14. The Witch