Raoul from the original Phantom of the Opera. Then things went downhill...

Raoul the Manslut

Raoul arrived at the Operahouse looking for his cousin Bonnie-Marie who he never found. He seduced both Anneke and Josephine at very similar times, kissing both. He then rode off into the distance for some alone time. He later returned to witness the sues jumping of the roof and caught fighting Anneke.(Actually I think this happened before he left...). He saved Anneke from a dark figure and then moved into a re enactment of P and P which led through various threads and concluded with Raoul and Anneke fading out in the stables.. Straight after this he discovered that she was 14 (ew) and backed off. He was insulted by Alandra and witnessed the funeral of dead girls. He asked Avril out. He listened to various girls audition. Lune moved in with him and they have this weird brother/sister/other thing going on. He asked Marianne out for coffee and saved he from going down below. He asked her to the ball. He saw his sister Georgiana arrive. He nearly drowned in the lake.He lost a slanging match to Nadir. He watched Christine arrived and angsted lots. He fell for Arielle. He fired Dominic and Bonnie-Marie. He arrived at the ball and slept with Anneke behind a pillar, who then became pregnant by him, eventually dying while giving birth to Raoul's daughter, Rosette. At some point he fell in love with Nadir and kidnapped him, mirroring Erik's earlier actions with Christine in canon.

Raoul the Husband (And Manslut.)

Raoul then promptly seduced/married/ got engaged to (Please delete):

Marianne Susanna Belladonna Arielle Kayte Virginia Faline Irene Adler

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