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RICHARD'S HAIR! (sic) is a long-established Sueniverse in-joke, started by Hallie and existing mostly among the members of Bonnie-Marie's Army. According to Hallie, being touched by RICHARD'S HAIR! is like having your babies being blessed by Jesus. RICHARD'S HAIR! goes by many names, including the previous capslocky name, "Richard's lovely raven locks," and (according to one of Megan's art history classmates) "Rubber Soul hair."


The joke started in reference to an image used to represent a young Richard Plantagenet on the spin-off.

The image of a young Sirius Black that stood in for Richard and started the odd RICHARD'S HAIR! phenomenon.

It actually depicted a young Sirius Black, but the coloring and age matched Richard's description enough to allow it to be used.

Hallie and Megan began a long discussion of their characters' post-Hogwarts careers in AIM late one night. Megan decided that her Hogwarts AU Richard would never have become King of England, instead embarking on a long career as an Auror and ironically living longer. She made a passing reference to the fact that she imagined the left side of his head would bear some scarring from an incident while on Auror patrol, but "his hair would mostly cover it". Hallie replied in amusement, "God, he has a lot of hair." And soon, no mention of Richard could be made between the two without an accompanying mention of RICHARD'S HAIR!, as Hallie dubbed it.

The Great Hair Wank of 2007[]

Part of the joke involved in the RICHARD'S HAIR! meme has always been the fact that the adult version of Richard on the standard Sueniverse is often referenced as having "unkempt" hair that "he has no idea how to use properly", as Megan once phrased it. It has also been referred to as "unfortunate" on a number of occasions.

However, when Hallie and Megan collaborated on a scene in which the offending hair was cut off, it soon became apparent that it actually had numerous fans- among them, many of Megan's real life lurker friends, who soon deluged her with worried calls and text messages. Even Megan's mother seemed upset at what had happened. In the grand tradition of the fandom kerfluffle, Megan and Hallie dubbed this incident "The Great Hair Wank of 2007".