Encyclopedia Marysuenica

R. Kris, so called for the Asimovian convention of prefacing android names with the initial R for "robot," is Kris's self-insert. Like many self-inserts, Kris is much like her Suethor; unlike many/all of them, she is an android.


Original!Kris; an actual photo of the author

Because her real life counterpart is both lazy and frequently changes her own appearance, R. Kris varies in hair color without explanation. But she is always roughly 28, 5'4", thin, flat-chested, blue-eyed, and a bit pale. She currently sports a halo after her habitual expression was remarked upon by Sarah.

Crispy!Kris; no wait, that's wrong.

History on the Verse[]

Kris was something of a holdout during the great self-insert craze of '06, but finally submitted by appearing in the Foyer and acting sensitive about her seriously advanced age when compared to the others. She learned something about her suethor powers during a jaunt with Emily and Brandi, which for her and the latter was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. There is a rumor, unsubstantiated, that she forced Kirk and Spike lookalikes to have sex in a bathhouse. She vehemently denies this.

At a loss for plot and following Kris's need for Alan Cumming, R. Kris ended up residing with Alex at Rochester's. She used her Suethor powers to gloss over Alex's memory of her; without inserting anything concrete, she merely made it seem as if they'd always known each other. Both Kris's now deny this was actually sex, as it was self-love and somewhat unplanned. Also, Kris kind of wrote R. Kris later with a sort of blindness on the subject.

Everything changed at a party.

I. Robot[]

"Wires," *she said, her eyes stinging with unshed tears. She looked back up at Brandi.* "It's all wires and gears and things, all of it... I'm not even real..."

Kris was apprised of her condition after a mishap at Rochester's house[1], where an unaccustomed drink of wine during a party for Shadi landed her in the Infirmary[2]. Due to the vagaries of sue-time, Kris discovered what she was simultaneously in another thread in the kitchen of Le Rouge et L'Epine, where she and Brandi were starting to become extremely awkward. It was a big day.

It is still not known how or why Kris is an android. Nothing about her origins is known, except that James Moriarty (the robot) recognizes her and that Kris has long had a suspiciously emo suspicion that she is, in fact, an android and devoid of feelings. Which is totally not true.

R. Kris is, however, coming to terms with her state, and has recently discovered that she can do things really fast with her robot parts. She has also discovered she is in a relationship with Brandi and Cry-Baby both, which is only partly masturbatory.


Like Kris, R. Kris is over-sensitive about her age and acts much younger. It's uncertain how much is her personality and how much is a put-on because she thinks it's cute. She's prone to bad puns, "your mom" jokes and awkwardness. Oh, wait, that's the real one. Seriously, they're a lot alike.

One oddity of her presence on the Sueniverse is that her powers of suethority seem to come and go; she is unable to maintain the knowledge of her special abilities and status, and is inconsistent in her use of authorial intent. Much like those dreams where you remember you're dreaming long enough to do something cool, then forget again.