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Canon Past[]

Percy Blakeney grew up between a "distracted father and an ill mother", and spent time traveling the world before he returned to England for university. There, he met Andrew Ffoulkes (who has briefly appeared as an NPC in the verse), and later, Lord Timothy Hastings. Married at 30 to "the cleverest woman in Europe" Marguerite St. Just, Sir Percy divided his time between his wife and his true self, The Scarlet Pimpernel.

Then his suethor broke his brain and entered him into the verse...


Sir Percy is asinine and often considered a "demmed idiot". He has English good looks that do not appear to be spoiled by too many brains, and an inane laugh. He is the type of man that characterizes the term "fop", and his thoughts seem incapable of looking beyond the tying of his cravat.

The Scarlet Pimpernel is brave, noble, and compassionate. He is the leader of a band of 20 men; one to command, and 19 to obey. His lieutenants are young bucks in English society, and worship the very ground he walks on. He and his men are responsible for rescuing hundreds of aristocrats from the dreaded Reign of Terror in France. His men claim that they continually risk life and limb for nothing more than mere sport, and as it is the fashion to pull the hare from between the teeth of the hound, the League of the Scarlet Pimpernel deprive Madame La Guillotine of her aristo lovers every day.

Basic Plot[]

Marguerite St. Just suffered a severe case of post-partum depression and eventually died under tragic circumstances. A year later, Percy went to Paris, still grieving, and there met Madame Giry. Through a unique and unusual series of events, their meeting led to marriage, and the birth of their twin sons, Andrew and Anthony Blakeney.

Two years later, Vianne became pregnant again, this time with Rebecca Joesphine, and the Blakeneys decided to return to England to allow their children peace during the French Revolution.

Sixteen years later, they returned to France, although due to a tragedy, as Tony died, and the funeral was held in Paris.

He was eventually resurrected, by Teutelute, one of the forms of Death, and after Rebecca was safely married to Philippe, and the twins at university, Vianne and Percy decided to take a holiday in Persia.

Unknown to them, Andrew secretly married Scarlett O'Hara, Tony fell in love with Teutelute, and Philippe and Rebecca were trying to obtain a divorce.

For a clearer, more detailed outline of the plot involving Percy Blakeney and Vianne Giry, please see Solar Flare