The Beginning Edit

It started in the chat. Or the IMs. Or maybe it was the OOC!thread. In any case, Emily was discussing the surpreme hotness of the love that is Percy and Vianne, and how much it trumps canon. Jamie was in agreement with this. And then, Emily said fateful words:

"Their love is hot like a solar flare!"

And that was the beginning of the incredible madness...

The Fans Edit

Several verse members followed the Vianne and Percy plot (as frightening as it was), and they were referenced to several times. When their wedding night occured, several members who shall remain nameless (yeah. we're looking at you), crowded around Vianne and Percy's bedroom. Their suethors despaired, and went into a tizzy of panic.

They got over having hot, legal, morally upstanding, righteous sex quick though, and stockings, foils, and Percy shirtless soon made an appearance. This too was wolf-whistled at.

The Video Edit

The hotness and squeeness of it all was soon too much to cope with, and in a fit of genius and brilliance, Emily made a video, appropriately entitled "Solar Flare".

It was the beginning of more plot and wangst than the suethors could shake a stick at.

Solar Flare: The Soap Opera Edit

The title "Solar Flare" is also used to reference the massive, extremely complicated plot arc that Vianne and Percy have created. It is found on the Sueniverse wiki.