Norman Bates is a character in the film Psycho (1960, Alfred Hitchcock) played on the 'verse by Kris. In the film, he was a sweet young man who had killed his mother some years before, stuffed her, and pretended she was still alive by dressing up as her, speaking as her, and killing young women Norman was attracted to in heavy-handed movie!Freudian fashion. Norman would become an archetype of the sweet-faced psychotic, as opposed to the "he's obviously a nutter" variety (like the real guy he was actually based on), and lure many young women into a lifetime of being really deluded about what sort of people were deserving of their sympathy.


Norman looks like awkward heartthrob Anthony Perkins: tall, thin with wide shoulders, dark hair and eyes, and a nervous smile.

History on the Verse

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