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Nerida is an original sue written by Brit!Sarah. Nerida arrived in the Sueniverse in a puff of blue smoke and proceeded to try and find someone who would appreciate her fairy powers. Nerida often refers to her 'boss' as being someone called Oberon who has yet to appear in the Sueniverse

When she first arrived Nerida attempted to help Alandra with her doomed love for Nadir. However she was swiftly distracted from this aim when she met, and promptly fell in love with Sebastian.Their relationship was also unstable at best through Nerida soon learned to forgive his original attempts to trick her.She also encountered many problems relating to Oberon and arrived often covered in bruises from her punishments. At one stage she left the fairies all together.

Megan and Erik[]

Nerida was soon drawn to Megan Kroger and revealed herself as her fairygodmother. During this period she used her magic to change Erik's face and make it normal as a wish from Megan Kroger. However, shortly after she abandoned them both again and returned to the underworld.


Nerida returned again to the Sueniverse and Sebastian however it soon became clear that she planned to forsake their love and return to her role as fairygodmother. She now, in some attempt to atone for her abandonment of Megan Kroger by adopting her daughter Pina as her new subject.