Encyclopedia Marysuenica

Mina Seward is a vampire OC played by  suethor Christine.


Mina has red hair, blue eyes and appearance of Belle "Gone With the Wind" Watling (Ona Munson)  in all of her 1939 Techbicolor glory.  Naturally, the period setting does not cause her  problems with personal hygiene and  Mina herself is sure that her resplendent looks and taste equal crystalline purity. 


Mina Camelia Seward. Vampires who dazzle, not sparkle!

Mina is actually a reincarnated vampire Countess Camelia  from Romania, woman who had made suicide after her husband had been killed by the vampire hunters.   Her vampirism has just become acute in age of 43 and this delights her greatly;  she has managed to get the vast wealth of her ancestors to herself and lives with all the extravagance it allows.  She has no problems with killing people.