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Mercapulet was originally used to describe the pairing of Mercutio/Tybalt and now seems to refer to the whole plot that their pairing is a part of, including as it does Tybalt's future wife Meg Giry and Mercutio's sort-of fiancee Rosalind (as well as other characters that lot are involved with, such as Alex, Lady Capulet, and George Boleyn).

The Story[]

I'm sure too lazy to type it out here. :S

Let's Show You Some Pictures[]

This is the only reason I made this page. I wanted to point out that Tybalt and Mercutio have adorably similar tastes. If you are really obsessive while image searching, anyway.

Compare this Rosalind to this Meg:

Bryce dallas howard top hat.jpg Jennifer ellison top hat.jpg

And then compare this Mercutio and this Rosalind and this Meg:

Mercutio 3.jpg

Bryce Dallas Howard - 06 - Lady in the Water.jpg


Or Some Icons[]

Made by (?)Megan:


Made by Sarrin:

Or Some Fanart[]

By Megan:


By Sarrin: