Megan's Grandma, while not an actual Verse participant, is admired among the members of Bonnie-Marie's Army for being made of awesome. The reasons for this include, among others:

  • the fact that she drives a black PT Cruiser with purple flame decals on it
  • her Dr Gregory House-like Mad Cane Skillz
  • her occasionally Crowleyesque moral code
  • the fact that she listens to cooler music than Megan ever will

Megan's Grandma is especially revered for having the cojones to walk right into a Barnes & Noble shortly after the release of the second Pirates of the Caribbean film with a white garbage bag under her arm, putting the bag over a cardboard stand-me-up poster person of Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow, and walking out with it, acting as though this were totally logical the whole time.

Let us all hope we shall one day be as cool as Megan's Grandma.