Encyclopedia Marysuenica

Megan: Theme-Park Vampire and Pie-Loving Capslocker

Megan is a Suethor on the Verse. Though her self-insert is Megan Kroger, she really has far more in common with Aziraphale than is probably normal or healthy for an 20-year-old American girl.

For some reason, people seem to enjoy shipping her with Jess in real life, in spite of the fact that Jess already has a boyfriend and Megan is pretty sure she prefers men, even if (within the realm of her fandom crushes) many of those men seem to be pretty, somewhat effeminate blond guys with German accents.

Edward IV is her real-life great-grandpa several times over. She is no longer allowed to borrow or godmode Severus Snape, as she apparently can't write him without turning him into Alan Rickman. She likes to refer to the procreative act as "boinking".

Among the things Megan intends to have are vengeance, salvation, and you.

Her characters include, among others: