Encyclopedia Marysuenica

Mandy would still very much like to play Alice at Disneyland.

Mandy is a 20-year-old American Suethor and the creator/administrator of the Sueniverse. She registered the board on the evening of April 12th, 2006 and unveiled it the next day, only to see what she thought was a silly pet project flourish into a group of the coolest people on teh internets. If she is ever rich, she's going to fly them all out to Paris to reenact 'verse plots. This may be difficult, as only twenty people or so compose this cast of hundreds.

Mandy lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. She enjoys musical theatre, photography, Disney movies, old-fashioned hats, celebrity gossip and Chinese food. She is currently unemployed and not taking any classes, so the reasons for her frequent absences from the 'verse are mysteries to us all. (Even her.) Her greatest desires are to get married and become a mother, and this sentence is not even a little bit sarcastic.