Encyclopedia Marysuenica

Witch. Born in Greenwitch, Hell a very long time ago, as a result of a secret affair between the Greek god Zeus and Queen Lilith of Hell. Kicked out of Hell at the age of 5, after turning Dracula into a green frog. (He was transformed back again). Has been roaming around the world ever since. Current address: Opera Populaire, Paris. Arch-enemy of Loke.

Light green skin, yellow/green eyes, black curly hair reaching to her ankles. Surrounded by flames. Thinks herself she is the ugliest creature in the Sueniverse, but has a heart of gold, a great sense of humor, and lots and lots of personality. Very intelligent. Immortal as long as the flames around her keeps burning.

Strength: A very good spellcaster. Makes great potions. Capable of reading people's minds. Capable of healing people's wounds, as well as those on the inside.

Weakness: Secretly in love with Cry-Baby. Will die if the flames surrounding her go out.

Pets: The talking raven Abraxas.