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Major! What are you doing here?

Major Ivan Raidenovitch Raikov is a minor, minor character in the game Metal Gear Solid 3. Originally, Ivan was conceived as a really quite mean-spirited poke at the pretty much universally loathed main character Raiden from the second game. Raiden committed the grievous sins of being a lithe white-haired prettyboy instead of a Mel Gibson lookalike built like a brick sh...owboat; fittingly, Raikov is a rather effeminate fellow, as well as Colonel Volgin's lover. But proving once again that Hideo Kojima is either a genius or trolling everyone, he got a fandom of his very own. Skazka plays him at some point after the third game, and maaaaybe after Portable Ops, but God only knows why a Soviet soldier from 1964 who happens to have pretty hair and a good jaw has ended up in ostensible-19th century France. He enjoys eating, drinking heavily, and shooting things, as the trauma of the fall of Groznyj Grad (and his ensuing fall from grace) as well as the trauma of being one of Skazka's characters has left him a little more belligerent than usual. And this is Raikov, Eater of Wildlife, Grabber of Crotches, so that's saying something.

Currently he is boozing with Russian mafia boss Balalaika, who he finds quite fetching for her scars and stern demeanour. He is, however, having difficulty overlooking her bosomage. Teehee. Looking. Bosoms. Also, he's busy being one of Skazka's few characters who is both sexual (as opposed to asexual) and sexually active. In theory.

(He has no additional PB yet, but in Skazka's head, still looks a lot like the cosplayer Jackov . Also, for another fun fact, his password on Portable Ops is the origin of her user name, to the confusion of many an actual Russian.)