Encyclopedia Marysuenica

Maggie is a highschool senior involved heavily in art, theatre, student government, and way too much procrastination. She somehow maintains 'A's and 'B's in AP and IB level classes despite that fact that she spends more or less every waking hour on the 'verse or some other wild environ of the internet, which only goes to show how awesome she is. She is not, in fact, queen of blenders, as every practical demonstration of her power has ended either with perfect blending capacity failure or mold spores six months later. She is, however, excellent at drawing blenders and all the wrath and destruction left in their wake.

She is a suethor of few characters. These few tend to be either overly-developed, overly detailed, and highly favored ( an excellent example of this), or played once, twice, or not at all. Like many suethors, there is nothing she enjoys more than putting her characters through complete hell or at least mild distress.

It is only coincidence that three of her characters, completely without her noticing, all have some sort of ability to control, project, or manipulate emotions and moods.

She mostly plays with Sarrin, Kris, Renn, and Frida, although she has wonderful side excursions with Sarah, Megan, and Brandi that, if she has her way, will become much more common. If she has not rped with you yet... well. *hums the Jaws theme song*

Sarrin's Maggie Bio[]

(Which absolutely must be saved.)

Sapphist and queen of blenders, Maggie is a dangerous, dangerous person. She plays a lot of the most awesome people on the Sueniverse, including, but not limited to, Armand, Notre Dame, and Mercutio.

Mercutio, for example, is ridiculously hot and gets it on with almost everyone he's in a thread with. Especially Tybalt. Which is even hotter than just one of them.

And Armand is also hot. If, like, you're David. Or Marius. Or anyone else who happens to be a pederast in that series, which, if you'll believe it, is most of them.

This whole page is kind of a load of nonsense invented by Sarrin, by the way, in her most lovingly sarcastic manner. <3 Maggie, write your own damn page, woman!Bold text