Kurt Hummel (The Stu That They Said Could Never Be Made) is a native of the television show Glee, played by Skazka and portrayed by his actor, Chris Colfer.

Quirky yet charming wardrobe, beeyoutiful eyes of uncertain and ever changing color, ~angel's voice~ remarkably good hair, catty yet beloved, and still in high school? Stu material, da?

Kurt is fantastic. That is all.

... Slightly More Elaborate 'Verse History

Kurt came to the 'verse's Paris from whatever cracked out version of reality Glee!Lima, Ohio hails from. So he hasn't had to adapt to the Sueniverse's oddness in the standard HOMG PHAN FALLS THRU UNIVERSE N LANDS @ PARIS OPRA ways, but there's still been substantial culture shock. He was all lined up to be the promising virginal countertenor who charms the world, practicing his positively bee-youtiful audition piece in the appropriate spaces at the opera house... except for a stern, older soprano who actually knew her shit puncturing his special-snowflake bubble. Her highly efficient German criticism of Kurt's rendition of Mr. Cellophane (... which was not much better than the one featured on the show) ruffled him a great deal, and he abdicated his practice room in a huff. Not as unmoved by the woman's remarks as he'd like, Kurt signed up to take voice lessons -- and by a coincidence of Dickensian proportions, it was the same woman who had bitched him out in the practice rooms, Ms. Ana Brauer. The two managed to get along and accomplish their objective without slaughting each other, though Ana's insistence that Kurt wasn't quite the born countertenor he thought himself to be only ruffled him further.

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