Encyclopedia Marysuenica

Karen  is a suethor on the 'Verse. She's only been on since very recently compared to some of the regulars, but she's happy to be here and loves the RP, and thus is very enthusiastic about it. Then again, she's enthusiastic about almost anything, but those who tell you that she's overly emotional are LYING! ...Ahem. Yes.

She's from Pennsylvania, near Philadelphia. She also has obssessive-compulsive disorder, Asperger's Syndrome, and quite possibly Attention-Deficit Disorder. Just so you know. This might be part of why it sometimes takes her a while to respond to things, but fear not, as she will indeed get around to it! Apart from that, there's not really much else to say, at least for the time being.

So far, her characters are:

  • Naminé
  • Sayuri
  • Rei Ayanami
  • Clark Kent