Encyclopedia Marysuenica

Jess Cartwright is played by herself (Jess), because if no one else is around, it's all right to play with yourself.


Jess portrayed by... Jess, cause she's hot and awesome that way.

Jess is tall lanky with should length dyed red hair (for now). Her eyes are bright green of which she considers her most prominent feature. She's not skinny by a long shot, but she isn't obese, she lost a lot of weight during her first depression. She loves the fact that she has bikers calves and skinny ankles.

She has four piercings in each of her ears and a semi large tattoo of the eye of Horus surrounded by two wings which to her symbolize "the rise from the underworld" meaning she can rise above anything. Also on the small of her back, she has a small tattoo that reads "Erin go Bragh" meaning Ireland forever.


She describes herself as a writer with no inspiration and a bipolar train wreck with the ability to read minds and predict a vauge future. She still doesn't quite understand that.

When Jess first appeared on the sueniverse she was totally confused as to what was going on in Paris and to why she was there. She hadn't met anyone and no one cared to meet her.

It wasn't until the thread ["Sittin' on the Edge"]. Where she attempted to end her own life due to an ongoing depression and a lack of funds when she was stopped by Renn.

"You ever try so hard to find something that it starts to drive you crazy? Like you misplace your keys and look everywhere for them, knowing damn well that they're probably in the most likely of spots, like the coffee table or your pocket?"

Renn eventually convinced her not to do it, and to find a job somewhere and keep her mind off of it.

For a while she worked in the opera house doing make up and bothering Snape. She eventually ran in to her sister Jenn Cartwright and they went on a whirlwind adventure to hogsmede where she stuck her with the bill. She at one point broke her arm and ran in to Renn again at the infirmary.

She later found herself drunk as a skunk and trying to use a Jedi Mind Trick on the front desk operator at Le Rouge et L'Epine and was helped upstairs by Cry-Baby whom she continued a friendship and joined his band, first as a pianist and then as a drummer.

(Where that plot has gone nobody knows)

After this her life took off with the meeting of Bruce Wayne, the kidnapping, the loss of her mind, the cure of her mind by Caleb Oswald and the creation of Queen Dopplepoplus, her insane alter ego.

Long Lost Half Brothers aren't so Bad... Right?[]

Through many years of strange hair experimentation and personality changes we find out in ["Snapes Dungeon Office"] that Jess and Jenn are in fact half sisters to the grumpiest git of them all Severus Snape.

Bruce Wayne/Batman[]

The relationship between Bruce and Jess took less than two days to flourish and two days to disintegrate. He happened to be on the opera house roof [1]at the same time she was. As they spoke about him appearing in Paris about the same way she did she noticed something out of her eye, that being Wayne Manor. She offered to take him through Paris and to Wayne Manor [2]

I wonder if I'll get to go through it and stumble on the batcave like Chris O'Donnel did in Batman and Robin she shook her head Don't be stupid that's a mov- she almost laughed

[W]hat am I talking about? Anything can happen here! "That would be awesome" she held on to his hand and tried to keep up.

They Eventually made it to [Wayne Manor] where Bruce gave Jess a grand tour and asked her if she wanted to stay being that she has no other place to go except for her room at the opera house where she works.

The next morning they had a picnic where they confessed their love and the fact that they wanted to go slow with their relationship.

Jess was confused by all of it and decided to take a drive where she ended up was the bar [3] of the Opera House where she once again ran in to an angel by the name of Raziel (Played by Sarah who also plays Bruce/Batman]]. They eventually grow increasingly intoxicated and make their way to her dressing room. [4]

'"I heard about that crazy time-hopping shit in this place. Must've been a shock to end up here."

This time, he kissed her on the lips, but only very briefly before he turned away and took another drink of rum

Jess didn't blush, she sat there stunned for a minute before grabbing Raziels face as he was drinking, pouring the rum slightly down his shirt, and kissing him passionately.

Jess came back to Wayne Manor the next morning and told Bruce everything. They had a huge fight which caused Jess to run and hide in the library only to pass out in a pile of books.

Jess soon found herself being lifted up off of the floor by Ra's Al Ghul and put in to a van.

As time went on and Jess was cured and saved. And Bruce and her's relationship took off. With similar senses of humor and a general respect for each other, it seems perfect.


With Jess's sudden addiction to morphine and erratic behavior Bruce has become terribly worried about her, as anyone would.

What he doesn't know, is because of an odd mutation in Caleb serum (to cure the ensuing insanity caused by Cranes toxin in the Ra's kidnapping plot) Jess has developed a second personality.

Her Sue!Author self embodied, and it goes by the name of Queen Dopplepoplus.

Iz Kidnapped, Does Suck[]

Starting at [Page 20 of the "Wayne Manor" thread] and continuing here["A Hidden HQ] where she was locked away. Sometime later Alfred was thrown in with her.

"Miss...Jess..." He said weakly. "M-Master Bruce..."

He swallowed hard

"Master Bruce is coming. He will help us."

"I know he's coming Alfred" she said quietly "I know" she held on to him tightly as the tears finally began.

It wasn't too long until Batman did show up, this is when Ra's sent in Dr. Jonathan Crane who used his mind toxin to convince Jess that she was being raped by Batman. She was able to keep sane through most of it, but was once again a victim, her mind finally breaking.

She was soon brought back to Wayne Manor where she continues to stay her mind completely broken from the attack.

Her last bit of sanity was a name scribbled on the floor of her bedroom in pen "Find Caleb Oswald" (one of her sue-author's other characters)

Bruce soon looked up Caleb Oswald only to find himself face to face with a young man wearing a dirty apron in a house as big as the (stately) Wayne Manor. When Bruce explained the situation to Caleb, the boy was shocked to say the least.

It came to light (although unwritten in verse time) that Caleb was the one to help Jess get on her feet when she first arrived in Paris. She also helped him to create a secret underground lab, almost to Bruce's caliber, using books she brought from the future.

Bruce in turn being allowed to see this lab of his allowed Caleb in on the secret of who Bruce Wayne was at night, this of course being Batman.

Caleb agreed to help Bruce and they made their way to the Wayne Manor.

When they return to the manor they find Jess has vanished and set out to the streets of Paris to find her.

With no luck.

Jess has began to wander Paris and eventually meets up with a nice Austrain boy named Rudolf who follows her around to make sure she doesn't hurt herself. They end up in a church where Jess's sister just happens to be and she takes her back to her hide out where she calls Bruce.

When Jess get's back, Bruce calls Caleb who comes over for a blood sample and eventually produces a anti-toxin and cures Jess.

Or so they thought, everything goes well for a while, until Jess starts acting a little strangely and starts drinking morphine and not sleeping at all at night. Yet she didn't remember a thing from the night.

Something big was on the horizon

Change and Powers[]

After a few subplots and figuring out that Snape was her brother it seemed as though Jess's sue-author (ness) was fading. She forgot that she was in a place called the sueniverse, she knew who people where and that they were from someplace else, she was able to retain the fact that she was in fact over a hundred years in the future, but it seems as though that is no longer a factor to her.

Her physic abilities have come to light with meeting Lynette [5] and after being kidnapped with Ra's Al Ghul where he forced her to read his mind [6].

It hadn't been quite understood out until this point weather she could read minds or just emotions with vague future reading powers. It's now understood that she can both read minds and tell the vague future.