Encyclopedia Marysuenica

An American Suethor who lives in North Carolina, Jamie has been participating since early July 2006. Her progress on the verse is both slow and rapid, as she began in summer with free time out her ears and has been gradually more and more hindered by Real Life. Once a devotee to the Internet and lulz, for many months she believed in the Internet's true motto: "There is no such thing as IRL, there is only AFK." Now she uses the Internet casually, and has only been spontaneously having its web!babies.

Active Characters[]

While Jamie has several characters and refuses to delete any, not all are active. Others will be put in the Inactive logging.

Demiselle Azazel

Andraste Mors

Percy Blakeney

Alexander the Great

Rebecca de Winter

Inactive Characters[]

These are characters that have not been played at all for more than three months.

Emmanuelle the Grey (originally adopted from Emily)


Notable Contributions[]

Jamie is most noted for her role in the infamous ceiling fan incident, as well as her involvement in Percy and Vianne's wedding night, which won Most Awkward Sex Scene in the Verse.

She is also infamous for urging threesomes with everyone, and broke real ground when she and Brandi decided to make siblings Andraste and Ashur romantically involved.