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Hamlet is probably the most famous of all of Shakespeare's characters. It has been said that one has reached the height of one's fame as an actor when one has portrayed him, and consequently he's been played by many of the most famous - including Sarah Bernhardt herself.

On the 'Verse[]

As his suethor has a large crush on The Divine Sarah, she was naturally very overjoyed to learn that her favorite Shakespeare tragedy's hero has been played by her. Because she feels one of the defining characteristics of Hamlet is his misogyny, she thought that the concept of a female Hamlet was too good to pass up.

While Bernhardt was playing the role, therefore, one night the character did not walk off the stage when Sarah did, and has now found himself in France, wondering WTF while his suethor congratulates herself.

Then again, Sarrin also loves Julie Taymor's Titus, so maybe she has questionable judgment.


Hamlet's not quite that tall, but has a beautiful form and figure, a slim waist, an undulating neck, long, delicate hands, lovely slim limbs, all of that, with a rather Jewish nose, dreamy eyes, and ginger-blond curly hair of about shoulder length. Yes, Hamlet is a woman. This causes him considerable distress and discomfort.