Encyclopedia Marysuenica

Ghislain Lanorien is an original character of Sarrin's.

Appearance & Personality[]

Ghislain is a moderately androgynous - in the fact that he is neither overtly masculine nor overtly feminine - rentboy who also plays violin at the Opera House, and is genial, nonchalant, witty, and cruel, and enormously easy. Blatantly bisexual. He looks typically Gallic, with pointed, almost elfin features, pale olive-toned skin, and very dark olive-black hair that falls coolly into his grey eyes.

His avatar is currently of Gaspard Ulliel. Once upon a time it was Jonathan Rhys Meyers. Neither exactly looks like him.


Ghislain is from a group called LCP which Sarrin was a part of for years with the suethor Brandi, from whom she first heard of the 'Verse.

What you're all reading this for[]

New to the Sueniverse, Ghislain has had very little to do and met very few people, but he fully intends to exercise his libertinage all over every last one of you. So far the list only includes:

Cinderella Story[]

On LCP, Ghislain told a character a modified fairy tale, casting himself rather obviously in the leading role. The characters from that fairy tale also exist on the Sueniverse. Cendrillon is rather obviously based on Ghislain, although he's younger and more innocent and more pouty, all in keeping with what Ghislain was like at age 17.