Encyclopedia Marysuenica

George Boleyn is Anne and Mary Boleyn's brother, transported to the 'verse accidentally from the 16th century. With Anne beheaded, his lover in line to be next, his friends in the Tower, and Mary in hiding, George's uncle managed to make for him an escape. He was exiled instead of beheaded, and gained a few centuries in the crossing of the channel. George was not pleased upon his first discovery of this, but now finds it quite refreshing to be so far removed from his family's tainted name. He is based on Phillips Gregory's portrayal of him in The Other Boleyn Girl, and his suethor is Maggie.


George has black, wavy hair and dark eyes. He likes to wear green- it is the Boleyn color. He is said to be quite handsome, and he exploits this ruthlessly.


George is easy-going, witty, and utterly charming when he's in a good mood. He's been a courtier all his life, and has a courtier's control and practiced wit. But he's been through a lot in his 26 years, lived in a court at Henry VIII's unpredictable temper and unstable health, juggled the family fortune, and watched his sisters wax and wane. He can be moody, sullen, and cynical, usually when reminded of what he lost. And, as his downfall came in part because of his relationship with Francis Weston, he is paranoid about being caught out in any homosexual acts.

Interactions on the 'Verse[]

Nicolas de Lenfent[]

There is a lot that can be said about George and Nicolas, but I wouldn't have the faintest idea of how to start composing it into a well-organized thought. Let it just be like this; Nicolas is a vampire, and in love with him, and George, who thinks it'll just be a fling - fling. With Nicki. Yeah, right. - doesn't yet know how much trouble he's in. Of course, even when he finds out... he may or may not care. Nicolas is certainly in for some misery. And George should prepare himself for some insomnia.

So far they have snuck into Notre Dame and played at merrily ringing the bells... and kissed, drank together at a pub.... and kissed, although George was less than pleased with the public setting, and gone for a swim in a private garden's fountain... and kissed. Oh, and they've been run out of two of the three places. Seems a pattern is unfolding.

Nicolas d'En[]