Encyclopedia Marysuenica

Farinelli (Carlo Broschi) is a beautiful castrato with predictable angsty sex-confusion. He's also something of a narcissist, but he's really pretty and seems quite modest and adorable.

Castrated at about age 12 or so, Farinelli can get an erection, and therefore is good Verse material. He is played by Sarrin.



Farinelli is very tall and long-limbed, as happens with castrati because of the lack of testosterone, and has a rather angelic countenance. The only thing that is less than attractive about him is the slightly yellowed shade his teeth have, which is easily forgotten in the rest. He speaks very softly, as though afraid of hearing his own high voice.


Historically, Farinelli was something of a rock star - particularly when he went to England, where he was wildly popular. He spent a huge portion of his life in Spain, where he served the king specifically; but Verse!Farinelli's not yet come to that. In the 18th century, France did not allow castrati on its stages, but we've decided to ignore that ever happened. Castrati were, perhaps because of their impotence and perhaps because of their popularity, and most likely it was a mixture of both, enormously successful with women, so the rumors went, although logically that sounds iffy, doesn't it? However, Verse!Farinelli is based off an Italian-French film in which Farinelli very frequently is so successful.