Emily is a Suethor who has the somewhat pathetic distinction of the highest post-count as well as the most characters. Creating Sues and Stus much like a fish spawns eggs, not caring much which ones live and which ones are swept away by the current to die, Emily is, as of December 2007, quite close to breaking the 60 Character mark; however, of these, only about 30 or so are in active rotation, others being deleted, changed, or adopted by other typists.

Emily is currently unemployed, and taking a "break" from university, where she is allegedly working towards a degree in fine arts, with creative writing as her major and film studies as her minor. As of January 2008, she will be living and working in Ireland as a volunteer for twelve months. If you thought three and a half months was bad, wait until it's four times that long. Things will *really* come off the rails for all her characters. The general plan may be to delete/adopt out a major portion of these characters, reserving those few most beloved of their typist.

For the Sue, please see Sue!Emily.