Encyclopedia Marysuenica

She enjoys tea. See? She's Victorian!

Emilie Autumn, real name unknown, is what a young busking insane asylum escapee goes by on the 'Verse. She is played by Sarrin, and based off the musician.

Mad Girl[]

Mad girl,

Can you believe what they've done to you?

Wouldn't they stop when you asked them to leave you alone?'

Is Emilie insane or is she just from another century? She's insisted it's the latter for years, and is conscious of existing in some way or other in the 21st century, but Emilie can see ghosts and has startling tendencies towards genuine madness, at times, in the 19th. Doubtless she was abused by her doctors, although she does not desire to speak of it.

Verse Plot[]

Emilie currently hangs out with Fox Mulder. She has most recently met Poe, thinking her to be Mulder, and even more recently, Toby, a fellow former-inmate.

She is staying at Le Rouge et L'Epine.