Her Past Edit

Demiselle comes from Ireland, although she seems to make some interesting stops along the way. Her past is fairly muted, though it is implied that she once worked for The Order of the Golden Dawn. Well-versed in the art of warfare, Demiselle openly admits to being an assassin, but it is indicated several times that she was once a priestess, as well. When and how she fell from grace is still a mystery. Originally, she had no last name. Later, events in the verse changed that.

Past Events on the Verse Edit

Demiselle started off brusque, cold, polite, and cruel. She was without emotion, and her sole objective was to hunt down Erik, either to gain information, or to kill him. She ran into a few people, including Emmy Rossum, Anneke de Chagny, and Raoul de Chagny, and either threatened them or helped them, depending on their situations. She kept an eye on Erik, and formed several plans to kill him.

Then, one day she met Death, and all her carefully formed plans went to hell in a handbasket.

Drawn to the Grim Reaper, they began to spend time together. They went to see a ballet, during which Demiselle felt her brother die, and Death immediately returned him to an immortal. (The fact that this ties in perfectly with her suethor's original novel is pure concidence.)

After the ballet, they went strolling, and were attacked by two theives. Demiselle did most of the dispatching, and then promptly seduced Death at her home.

It was the beginning of one of the most unusual relationships on the verse, and was punctuated by fairly graphic violence and unusual sexual leanings. (To give an example, they once made love in the middle of an alleyway right after they'd just killed someone.) During their courtship, Demiselle was kidnapped by a group who believed she held the key to awakening Astarte, Goddess who sits on the Lion Throne. Death went to save her, and began experiencing strange episodes where he would flicker in and out of being.

Later, their relationship was discovered by Fate, who took Death's memory as punishment, but not before the two swore to stay away from one another. It was too late, however, as Demiselle was pregnant.

With Death holding no rememberance of her, Demiselle delivered her children...who were born fully grown. A boy and a girl, she named them Ashur and Andraste. Ashur held his father's memories in his head, and when Death returned to them, Ashur released his father's memories.

Current Events Edit

Currently, Death and Demiselle are trying to get married, a task that is proving nearly as difficult as the birth of their children. Their twins are romantically involved with one another, and while Demiselle originally disapproved, no one could keep them apart.

Demiselle is currently trying to put together a wedding, while Death is trying to clear his schedule of soul-ferrying to make time for a wedding date.