Encyclopedia Marysuenica

David is a vampire from the Lost Boys played by his totally unaware that he exist's suethor [Jess]


Mmm Keifer.

David is kind of tall, with bleach blond 80's half mullet hair, played by a more than sexy Keifer Sutherland.


David is young, wild and ready for anything. He'll tear you apart as quickly as he'll play with your mind. He's powerful, but young, and get's himself in to trouble as quick as he can make it.



You see David thought he was dead, according too his universe he was, but for one reason or another he showed up in Paris in the 1800's. It was all right at first, he spent most of his time feeding and hanging out at clubs. He eventually hooked with with Mira and now spends his time at Le Théâtre du Grand-Guignol chillin with his girl and wreaking havoc.