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Daphne Blake is played by her more than special super de duper sexy suethor Jess


Daphne Blake portrayed by actress Amy Adams.

At 25 years old, she's five foot seven inches tall, with a tiny waist, bright orange hair and striking blue eyes. Unlike her cartoon counterpart that was mostly one color, her hair is now shiny and her eyes are actually a color, instead of black and bleak. She still has a penchant for purple though.


This imagining of Daphne Blake still plays off of the innocent, young, ditzy woman that the cartoons and movies portrayed and spins it on it's back end. Daphne isn't everything she used to be, no longer is she innocent nor young, albeit still a bit ditzy. She's quieter and less concerned about her looks and needs, at least that's what she things has happened. She still just as concerned, if not more, each time she wakes up in someones house and can't remember how she got there. The first thing she checks is her hair.


Daphne used to be part of the renown teenage detective agency known as "Mystery Inc." Her fathers money allowed them to go on lengthy trips and use everything they possibly could to help people solve mysteries. Usually in league with the police, they would investigate (which many times this meant breaking and entering), search for clues, and always figure out the mystery before the week was out.

But as time went on and school was over, the gang moved on. Velma went to college somewhere in Canada, Scooby and Shaggy, hopped in the van and drove cross country to do whatever those two did, which left Daphne and Fred.

Which in Daphne's mind, nothing could break that up, Fred wouldn't leave her, Fred was her rock.

But something did, when they both got accepted in to Harvard, Fred became obsessed with school, leaving no time for the Daphne, no time for fun. Daphne felt abandoned, finally realizing, maybe for the first time in her life that, without mystery inc., she was alone. Her parents never called, they never visited, when she came home for summer the first semester, the house seemed so much colder than when she had left. It only occurred to her when she returned for Christmas, that it was always that way.

With nobody to cling on to, she began to party, not like they used to, barn dances, and milk shakes and the malt shop. She started to party like a college girl with nothing holding her back. A lot of things happened in those four years, things she wasn't proud of, things she couldn't remember, and things she would remember till her dying day. She gave up on Fred, he didn't seem to notice, that when he graduated, she wasn't there.

She was on a plane to Paris, a plane she hoped would take her away.

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