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Cry-Baby Walker is a Johnny Depp from the 1990 John Waters film Cry-Baby played by Kris.


Back off, girls. This one's Brandi's.

Well, he's Johnny Depp. This particular model comes with greased-back black hair that's always falling alluringly into his eyes and a "lonely teardrop" tattoo below his left eye. He is always dressed in a white undershirt, leather jacket and tight jeans.

History on the Sueniverse[]

Cry-Baby's first delinquent activity on the 'Verse was to hit on Brandi's self-insert at the Golden Scorpion and go home with her. The two, contrary to appearances, developed a close bond which has weathered Cry-Baby's discovery of Brandi's powers and her attraction to R. Kris. A JD he might be, but he loves his girl.

Early in their relationship, Brandi stole War's mount for CB, and as a result Cry-Baby has been experiencing some curious changes, mostly involving drinking beer, spoiling for fights and increased sexual appetite. Since none of this is too far outside his normal character, it has not, as yet, affected his relationships.

As a result of one of his fights, he rescued Malefica from Loke, causing injury to the two men and inducing love in the witch's heart. A love that is, as yet, unrequited.