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Christine Daae` is the heroine of The Phantom of the Opera. She is currently played by Mira and modeled by Veronica Lake, for no other reason than that her authoress wanted a pretty blonde and has a major old-movie habit. Plus she was in This Gun for Hire where she played a singer with a crazy murderer in love with her.

Christine left Raoul after the events of the novel due to his straying ways, but in a break from fanfic tradition, did not decide that this suddenly made Erik a better option (though she did feel sorry for him at first. And then she found out he had left his unloved girlfriend to give birth while attempting to win her back, at which point Christine threw a glass of water in his face and stopped talking to him.) She returned to the opera simply to work, and eventually got back together with Raoul- for a few nights, that is, until his evil twin drove her away.

Swearing off both ends of her previous love triangle, Christine slowly fell in love with Ed Wood, who had directed her in an opera. He was, to her, pretty much the direct opposite of Erik- good-looking, untalented, and a very kind person. She gained a second career as a star in his movies, though she had the sneaking suspicion that they might not have been High Art.

Christine has currently left for Hollywood to be in more of Ed's movies, saying goodbye to Paris once again.