Encyclopedia Marysuenica

Beppo is a Gankutsuou canon native, played by Skazka

Gaze deeply into my hair.

Since Gank is an adaptation of The Count Of Monte Cristo (in space! with aliens! and mind-rape! from a perspective-swap!) Beppo as the little thief could pretty easily be adapted to a 19th century setting. Unfortunately in her home canon she's pretty explicitly "just" a servant boy in a dress*, as well as a minor-ass character rather than the adorable spy with the crush on Albert she became in the anime adaptation. But because it's the future, and Beppo is awesome, this is a Beppo circa Gankutsuou. Also, she's a lilac Space Italian.

Beppo is also by far Ska's most well-adjusted character to date, with a backstory free of any great woe and the death of exactly no one on her conscience. (Though she does own and appreciate firearms, and knowing the nature of the 'Verse, may yet be in for iminent Cutie-breaking.) She's pretty easily described as "plucky", possibly followed by "adorable" and "wearing a hat". Upon the bizarre realization that (even in the technicolor photoshoppy realm of Studio Gonzo) Beppo's skin tone has actually kind of a purplish hue, it's been decided that she's not entirely human, and that's okay.

Currently her thieving skills, not fabulous to begin with when it comes to nonviolent pocket-picking, are being put to question after a botched attempt to mug Lt. Rip van Winkle from Hellsing.