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Benno Von Wolfensburg[]

Benno Von Wolfensburg was created by his sueauthor Jess.


Marc Almond.jpg

Benno is six foot tall, with black hair and black eyes. He is modeled by 80's new wave singer Marc Almond from the band Soft Cell. He was chosen because of his long nose and dark eyes and the fact that he bore a resemblance to Alan Cumming.


Benno is nothing like his brother The Emcee, in fact he's the complete opposite. Quiet, strong, sweet and faithful, Ben will do anything for the people he cares for or for the people that care for him. He's religious and very much so, although he never forces it in anyone's faces, he allows those who know him, to understand how important his religion is to him.

It's his religion he turns to over and over again, when things seem bleak.


Ben originally came to the verse for one purpose, to give The Emcee more of a solid background, but the character took off on his own.

After coming to Paris, he found out that his brother was working as some club, [so he decided to check it out, hoping to see him there. Sadly, his brother had gone off to Italy to see a friend of his and left Phoenix in charge of the Kit Kat Klub. She tried very carefully to explain to Benno what kind of person his brother was, although she didn't quite understand it until much later.

Most the Ben's time has been spent [in Phoenix's room at the local Hilton. This is where he goes after he meets his brother at the opera house, only to find out that The Emcee was and still possibly was a Nazi sympathizer and nothing like he had imagined him. This is where he stays as he waits for [Phoenix to show back up after she is raped by The Emcee at the Kit Kat Klub.

It's where he falls in love with and makes love to Phoenix, something he both accepted and regretted, causing him to ask forgiveness at the only [synagogue he could find in Paris.

He now faces an unknown future, that he plans to take on the road, with Phoenix. He doesn't know what will happen to them, or how they'll survive. All he knows is that if they stay in Paris, it will kill them both.