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Basch is played by Jess


He's Sexy!

Basch is around six foot tall, with long blond hair, blue eyes and a gruff look about him. His face and boy are covered in scars although, when spoken to he's regal and sweet, if not a times a little hard headed in his convictions.


Basch is one of the former captains of the royal Dalmascan army, and a prisoner of war during the political coup by military juggernaut Archadia. After being framed, kidnapped, jailed and tortured for two years by his twin brother -- an Archadian Judge Magister -- for supposedly turning on their fallen homeland of Landis for service in Dalmasca, Basch was freed by a young thief named Vaan and two sky pirates, Fran and Balthier. In return for saving him from certain death by starvation, Basch gladly agreed to help their quest by acting as an indentured sword-arm until he could locate the rebel Amalia: his former charge, Princess Ashe, in disguise. Despite an initially icy, distrustful reception of the supposed "Kingslayer" from nearly the whole party, Basch's name was quickly cleared through investigation. His physical strength, straightforward persistence, and almost fatherly manner eventually became something of a backbone for the rag-tag group.

Acting as Ashe’s shield on her journey to reclaim her rightful throne, Basch was a pivotal actor in the defeat of Doctor Cid Bunansa, the Archadian leader Vayne Solidor, and Judge Magister Gabranth -- better known to Basch as his twin brother, Noah. Initially enraged by Basch's unfaltering loyalty in the face of death, torture, and dishonor, Noah was eventually persuaded by his older brother to reclaim his honor and name -- only to be dealt a killing blow at the hands of Vayne, moments later. On his deathbed, Noah begged for Basch's forgiveness and asked for Basch to take up his mantle and protect his charge, Larsa, the new Archadian child-king. Basch agreed, and now dutifully wears the armor of Judge Magister Gabranth in Noah’s stead.

Time on the Verse[]

Basch appeared in the Paris Opera foyer, and was there for mere moments before rushing off in the direction of, what sounded and looked to him, to be a battle. As he arrived he noticed two beasts fighting above and immediately attacked, hoping that his attack would wither kill or stun one of the beasts he ran over to a ground of people. He first came upon a woman named Yuna, then a wounded man by the name of Sephiroth and another woman whom he had not yet learned of the name of, but went by Celes Chère.