Alan Campbell is a minor character from Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray. In the book, he is the one Dorian goes to to dispose of the body of Basil Hallward after the man's murder, because Campbell is a chemist and would know best how that would be done. When Alan - who had an ambiguous relationship with Dorian five years prior to this in which they were inseparable for 6 months, then broke off for no apparent reason - coldly refused, Dorian Gray gave him an ambiguous letter he would be sending to an unknown person if Campbell did not agree.

Blackmailed, he did. Some months later, Campbell was nothing more to Dorian than a tedious topic of morbid gossip, having killed himself.

On the 'Verse

Alan Campbell's humiliation at the hands of his former lover put him into very deep despair, and he lost a very promising future indeed when after two suicide attempts the university he worked for gently and firmly told him to take a vacation, effectively firing him.

He has set up something of a pharmaceutical shop in Paris and become obsessed with fashioning various kinds of poisons.

Naturally having a loathing for his own sexual inclinations, Alan is what we might call "repressed". Likewise, he no longer plays the violin, as he used to with Dorian (a pianist).


Campbell is a moderately-tall and grim-looking young Victorian, with scholarly pallor and coal-black hair, eyebrows, and lashes. His PB is Conrad Veidt in Different From The Others.


Dr. Henry Jekyll

Dr. Jekyll purchases chemicals from Alan Campbell. Although they are both private people, they naturally stir empathy in one another. By virtue of their very hot avatars - Jekyll's is Jeremy Irons - Kris and Sarrin have begun shipping them.

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