Talking raven. Hatched in Valhall a long time ago. Brother of Hugin and Munin, the two ravens belonging to the Norse chief god Odin. Birdnapped by some imps on his first flight away from the nest, and brought to the kitchen of Hell to be cooked. The word "grilled chicken" is still a curse word to him. Saved by Malefica, who hypnotized the chef to bring her the bird alive. Has been her friend and companion ever since. Is always in a chipper mood, and trying to chin up his friends when they are down. Extremely loyal to his friends.

Strength: The Birdie Treatment. Flies around his victims quick as a jet plane, dropping bird-droppings on them. The quantity varies with how many cherries he has eaten. Cherries have an unfortunate effect on Abraxas little tummy, so Malefica seldom allows him to eat them.Since he is tiny and black, he also is a very good spy.

Weakness: His tailfeathers. Very sensitive to the flames surrounding Malefica. Gets easily grilled. Malefica sometimes wipes away tears with his tailfeathers, or she dusts her bookshelf with them.